C215 – A familiar face in Berlin

Girl With Many Colours In Her Hair: Street Art by C215 (Christian Guémy) in Berlin

I’ve been meaning to post a photo of this piece by C215 on Pfuelstrasse in Kreuzberg since I read Finding Faces: Street Art by C215 on Haikugirl’s Picturing England blog.

When I saw Haikugirl’s post I commented that I had seen this piece that uses the same stencil as one in Bacon Street in London that she had posted.

Love the colours, love the subject, love the artist.

You can see more photos of C215 in London here, in Berlin here or check out his Flickr stream or Facebook page for more.

8 thoughts on “C215 – A familiar face in Berlin

    1. andBerlin Post author

      The guy is a genius and luckily for me he likes to paint in London and Berlin. If you haven’t seen her work already, you should check out AliCé, also stunning work and some similarities in their styles. They have even worked together, which was covered on Five Forever – http://bit.ly/IDR8Ht.

    1. andBerlin Post author

      Glad you like it. As for the mention, it’s always good to let people know about great content, especially when it inspires a post! Thanks for the RT on Twitter and ‘Like’ on FB as well!

  1. cazbag

    Nice blog! Thanks for liking mine. Did you have a look at the drawings? I sold 6 yesterday to some lady I met in a shop here in Hawaii! The story gets crazier, I’ll blog about it soon.

    1. andBerlin Post author

      Thanks Cazbag. I didn’t see the drawings before so I’ve just been back and checked out your ‘drawing’ tag. Very good – I really liked one of Byron Bay. It must be a wonderful feeling to sell something you’ve created – I’ll check back to see your post about it.

  2. tag-dreamer

    Hi, have posted a photo of the piece of C215. Serching more infos about I have fond your blog. Very good work and so inspiring! Thanx and keep on to do so.


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